The escape of Justus Heymans from Holland with the Koolhoven FK 43 ‘965’. (Update)

As everyone may know, during the Second World War several escapes with aeroplanes from Holland succeeded. The best-known success story is without any doubt the Fokker G.1 which took off on 5 May 1941 from the Fokker premises at Schiphol airport and which landed safely in England. And a day after that a Fokker T.VIIIw left from the Minerva-harbor in Amsterdam also to land in England.

Justus Heymans omstreeks 1938

Justus Heymans omstreeks 1938

A less well known story happened much earlier, on 15 May 1940 just after the Dutch surrender. Another Dutchman left from Schiphol airport and he also succeeded in flying to England. This was Justus Heymans who had possessed a flying license since March 1935 and who was a famous sport pilot. He was also qualified in night flying. Thanks to the instructions of the Dutch Airforce personnel, Heymans managed to escape with the military Koolhoven FK 43 ‘965’ he hijacked from Schiphol airport.

FK-43 PH-ASN en als militaire 965

FK-43 PH-ASN en als militaire 965


During my research into the history of the airfield at Hilversum – my contribution to the book ‘Vliegvelden in Oorlogstijd’ (Dutch Airfields during the War) – l already bumped into this famous pilot. An interesting gentleman who l will give more attention in this article.

Download Dutch version (PDF)

Download English version (PDF)

Wijbe Buising, Houten

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