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Onze leden leveren niet alleen een bijdrage aan onze gezamenlijke publicaties en ons blad Bulletin, veel van onze leden hebben zelf ook één of meerdere publicaties uitgebracht.

Bail Out Over Brummen
Ivo de Jong
privé uitgave, Harderwijk 1995
Bail out over Brummen – The End of a Flying Fortress. Printed in English/Dutch. About the B-17 #42-97781 Eight Ball Mk III from 359th BS shot down on its 57th mission to Sterkrade, Germany 2 Nov 1944, 1Lt Jack T. Davis Pilot.
Battles with the Luftwaffe
Theo Boiten & Martin W. Bowman
Harper Collins Publishers 2001
A comprehensive look at the air war over Europe. The authors have interviewed American, German, British, Australian, Czech, French and veteran aircrew from many other countries. This book collates the personal stories and sets them in their historical context.
Blenheim Strike
Theo Boiten,
Air Research Publications
Walton-on-Thames 1995
ISBN 1-871187-31-1
Blenheim Strike is a book, in English, by the Dutch writer and member of the Study Group Airwar 1939-1945 Theo Boiten. It tells you the history of the Bristol Blenheim in RAF service and gives you a case-study on operations and losses over the Netherlands.
The Luftwaffe’s last hope. The attack on allied airfields, New Year’s Day, 1945

John Manhro & Ron Pütz, Hikoki. 2003
ISBN 1 902109 40 6
In the early morning of New Year’s Day 1945 the Luftwaffe launched a massive, surprise, low-level strike targeted at Allied tactical airfields througout Franse, Belgium and Holland. Planned under great secrecy, the raid gambled on using the bulk of the Lufwaffe fighter assets on the Western Front, with the aim of decimating significant elements of both the British 2nd TAF and the USAAF on the ground. As the winter skies lightened, more than 900 German aircraft – most of them Fw-190s and Bf-109s – swept across vulnerable and unsuspecting airfields, including Brussels and Eindhoven. Altogether, more than 200 Allied aircraft were destroyed, with a further 150 damagd. But for the Luftwaffe it was a phyrrhic victory; 271 fighters were lost and many more damaged. Worse still, of the 213 pilots lost, more than 20 were valuable formation leaders. Using hundreds of eye-witness accounts and rare photographs, this is a definitive study.
Bombardementen op de Maasbruggen te Venlo oktober-november 1944
H. Keulards, Venlo 1984
Bombing of the Meuse bridges at Venlo is a book about the unsuccesful operations of the Allies to destroy the bridges over the Meuse. In the end, the bridge was destroyed by the Germans on November 25th, 1944.
Bristol Blenheim
Theo Boiten
Crowood Press, Marlborough, Wiltshire 1998
The author explains the central role of the Blenheim, from its development and production in Canada and England to its trustworthy service around the globe.
De bevrijding van Eindhoven
Operation Market Garden, September 1944
Karel Margry, Eindhoven
ISBN 90 70108 23 2
The liberation of Eindhoven can be seen as a pre-study for Karel Margry’s “Operation Market-Garden Then and Now” of 2003.
De dag dat het manna viel
Jaap van der Zwan
Voorhoeve, Den Haag z.j.
ISBN 90 297 0440 3
Evasion attempt by crewmembers of B-24 “The Jolly Duck” (392nd Bomb Group) in the Zoetermeer area
Cover Leeuwardens Verkeersleiding De geschiedenis van Leeuwardens Verkeersleiding
Hille Oppedijk
De Luchtoorlog boven Zuidwest-Friesland ’40-’45
Jan J. van der Veer
In cooperation with Gerrit J. Zwanenburg
A.J. Osinga B.V., Bolsward 1980
ISBN 90-6066-370-5
A survey of the airwar in the South-West part of Friesland.
De Regio tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog
W.H. de Vries, Wolvega 1995
Het is een bundeling van artikelen die sedert 1989 zijn verschenen in de “Regio Expres”. Een wekelijks huis-aan-huis blad in de gemeenten Weststellingwerf en Vledder en de omliggende dorpen. Het onderwerp van deze artikelenreeks was de belangrijkste gebeurtenissen uit deze regio in de Tweede Wereldoorlog
Cover Schleiboek De “Schleistelling” op Schiermonnikoog tijdens de luchtoorlog in 1940-1945
R. Voulon
Het beschrijft de bezetting van het eiland met Luftwaffe Schleistelling en de Batterie van de Kriegsmarine en het verloop van de oorlog daar. Het venijn zit in de staart als SS-ers en SD-ers in april 1945 uit Groningen en Friesland vluchten en vaste voet aan wal krijgen op het eiland. De reden waarom Schiermonnikoog pas bevrijd werd in medio juni 1945.
De ‘vergeten’ bombardementen
de Britse luchtaanvallen op Leiden 1944-1945
Rob van den Nieuwendijk
The forgotten bombardments tells about British airattacks on the city Leiden during 1944-1945.
Diary of an airwar
Gerrit Zijlstra, Eakin Press 1994
This book is a report on the activities of the Army Air Forces on a day-to-day basis. Beginning with the early days of the US entry into the war, formation of units, and the activities of the various bomber and fighter units in Europe starting from February 1942 to May 1945.
Doelwit Schiphol
De Amerikaanse aanvallen op de vliegbasis Schiphol in het najaar van 1943
Rob van den Nieuwendijk
Van Soeren & Co, Amsterdam 1993
ISBN 906881 033 2
Target Schiphol (Doelwit Schiphol) details on the USAAF medium bomber attacks on Schiphol airfield in the fall of 1943. The book is out of print.
Duel in de Wolken
Ron Pütz
Van Soeren & Co, Amsterdam 1994
ISBN 90-6881-037-5
Throughout ten chapters the history of ETO airwar is illustrated by crashes in the border area of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Featuring both Schweinfurt raids of the 8th AF, stories of the Ninth and fulle details of hundreds of aircraft and there crews. The book is out of print.
Een blik op bezet gebied
Luchtfoto’s van de Geallieerden
G.Staal en R.P.G.A. Voskuil
How the Allies took aerial photographs, interpreted them and what to do with them now. Published from an exhibition around May 5th, 1980 by the Studium Generale Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen.
En toen was het stil…
Hans Onderwater
Hollandia, Baarn 1981
ISBN 90-6045-463-4
And then there was silence… (En toen was het stil…) is a book about the airwar over the city of Rotterdam and IJsselmonde Island. The book is out of print.
Ereschuld? De laatste vlucht van Stirling W7630 MG-M
Een boek over deze Pathfinder Stirling die op de avond van 10 september 1942 haar droevige einde vond naast abdij Lilbosch bij Echt (L.). Het 176 pagina’s tellende boek is een coproductie van Marleen Jennissen en Marcel Hogenhuis, resp. voorzitter en bestuurslid van de Stichting Berging Stirling W7630
Erfenis van de Storm.
Oorlogsgraven om Ameland
Gerlof Molenaar & Martin Peters
Historische Vereniging Ameland 1940-45 Ameland 2000
Legacy of the Storm with the subtitle, war graves at Ameland, is a book about all the war graves on one of the Dutch Frisian Islands, Ameland. It gives a full survey of all cemeteries on the Island. Besides that, it gives information about the crashes of Allied planes during World War II on the island.
Fliegerhorst Schiphol Vol.1
Ab A. Jansen,
De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam 1998
Fliegerhorst Schiphol, our national airport during German occupation, is the magnus opus of Ab Jansen. After Wespennest Leeuwarden and Sporen aan de hemel this is his third trilogy of the airwar of the Netherlands. It is THE history of Amsterdam-Schiphol airport during World War II.
Fliegerhorst Schiphol Vol.2
Ab A. Jansen
Fliegerhorst Schiphol Vol.3
Ab A. Jansen
Fliegerhorst Venlo
Marcel Hogenhuis, Venlo 1995
Airfield Venlo is a doctoral thesis about the role of the Luftwaffe airfield Venlo in the German Air Defence during World War II.
From Dutch to Dutch
J. Vermeer, 2010
From Dutch to Dutch tells the story about the airwar in the Nijkerk, Putten and Voorthuizen area and also includes resistance and SAS operations.
Frontstad Vlissingen
Hans van Soest (†)
Prive uitgave Hans van Soest
Front town Flushing (Frontstad Vlissingen) is a story about Flushing with its important harbour and shipyards. The book is written by one of the early members.
Cover gebroken-vleugels-boek-omslag Gebroken Vleugels, Luchtoorlog boven de Gemeente Cranendonck (NL) en Hamont-Achel (B)
R. Vos Boek uitgave 2011,
beschrijft de luchtoorlog in zijn algemeenheid en de impact voor de aangrenzende dorpen in Nederland (Brabant) en België (Limburg). Uitgave in eigen beheer, 223 pagina’s in kleur.
Gentlemen in Blue: The History of No.600 “City of London” Squadron
Hans Onderwater, Cooper, 1998
RAF No. 600 Squadron were originally privileged volunteers from London’s financial district, but by the end of World War II they had become the highest-scoring night fighter unit in the Allied air forces.
 Gestaag Gespannen. 50 jaar Vliegbasis Volkel
R.H. Wildekamp, H. Talen, P.G.M. Truren
‘s-Gravenhage, 2000
Constantly Tense (Gestaag Gespannen) is a book about the history of Volkel Airfield from 1940 as a “Nachtlandeplatz” in the German Luftwaffe till 2000 when it was an operational NATO Airbase of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. It was published during its fiftieth anniversary as an airbase in the RNLAF.
Gevleugeld Verleden
Ab A. Jansen
Hollandia, Baarn 1982
The book, Winged Past (Gevleugeld Verleden), was published for the first time in 1975. It is a documentary about the crashed planes of the RAF in the Northern part of the Netherlands during World War II. The picture of the cover is the cover of the edition published in 1982. The book is out of print.
Green on!
Arie Jan van Hees
Eijsden, 2004
ISBN 90-806808-2-6
A detailed survey of the British parachute re-supply sorties during operation ‘Market Garden’ 18 – 25 September 1944.
Herinneringen aan een wonder/Memories of a Miracle
Hans Onderwater
Ad Donker, Roterdam 1995
Recollections of the Allied food drops. Bilangual in English and Dutch.
Het vergeten vliegveld Keent/Airstrip B.82 Grave
W.F.J. Boeien
Schaijk, 1994
The forgotten airfield Keent, close to Grave, tells the history of an airstrip close to the river waal between ’s Hertogenbosch en Nijmegen
  Het Vliegveld Bergen NH 1938-1945
J.H. Schuurman
De Coogh, Bergen NH. 2001
ISBN 90-75440-04-09
This book, Airfield Bergen NH 1938-1945 (Vliegveld Bergen NH 1938-1945), is the result of a long and thorough research program. It gives the full details of the layout, construction and operations from the airfield during its existence. These facts are supported by unique photographic material.
Cover-Het-Zweedse-Wittebrood Het Zweedse Wittebrood
Nico Scheepmaker (†)
Thomas Rap. Baarn. 1979
Swedish Whitebread is Nico Scheepmaker’s book about “Operation Manna”. The dropping of food for the people in the Netherlands in 1945. An operation by the Allies to save the Dutch in Western Holland from starvation.
Huzaren van de Nacht (dl.1)
C. Cornelissen
TGU, Oldenzaal 2007
ISBN 90-6693-100-0
De geschiedenis van III./NJG 1 die o.a. op Twenthe gestationeerd was.
Images of Night Airwar
Theo Boiten
Crowood Press, Marlborough, Wiltshire 2000
The night airwar over Western Europe was a long, intensive and costly airwar campaign. Theo Boiten tells this often harrowing and sometimes inspirin story using the personal accounts of over 70 veterans from both sides. The book is illustrated with many rare and previously unpublished photographs from the personal collections of those veterans and forms a record of this important aspect of 20th-century history.
Krijgsgevangen of bij de Ondergrondse
Jaap van der Woude
Historische Kring Eemnes 1985
On November 21st, 1944 Consolidated B-24H-25-FO, 42-95180, “Satan’s Little Sister”, 446th BG/706th BS, RT-N, crashed after a flight to the industrial centre of Harburg in the river Eem, North-East of Eemnes. Seven of the nine crewmembers lost their lives, two escaped and were hidden by the local population in Eemnes and Blaricum.
Lichtblauw op de Veluwe
Res.Lt.Drs. M.E. Peters
Den Haag, 1996
Light Blue at the Veluwe (Lichtblauw op de Veluwe) is the history of Deelen Air Force Base from 1914 untill 1995.
Löwe, de stelling Trimunt
H. Kroes (†)
Marum, 1972
Löwe, the radarpost at Trimunt is one of the first, if not the first, publication about a radarpost in The Netherlands.
P. Staal en P. van Wijngaarden
Bonnevile. Bergen 1995
Air raid – with excellent photographs – draws a picture of what has happend at several airfields occupied by the Luftwaffe in the Netherlands.
Luchtgevaar, Luchtaanvallen op Nederland 1940-1945
A.Korthals Altes (†)
Sijthoff, Amsterdam 1984
ISBN 90 218 2603 8
Air danger (Luchtgevaar) is the first survey of the air attacks on the Netherlands in book format. The book is written by A. Korthal Altes, late professor at the University of Utrecht and writer of many historical articles for newspapers and magazines
Luchtgevechten boven West-Brabant en de Biesbosch
Jan Jolie
Muiderberg 2000
Dogfights over Western Brabant is the story of the operation of Boulton Paul Defiants of No. 264 Squadron on May 13th, 1940 over The Netherlands.
Luchtoorlog boven Ede
E. van de Weerd
Airwar over Ede, tells about aircraft crashes and bombardments in the Ede area.
Cover Luchtoorlog Hoeksche Waard Luchtoorlog Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945
Henk Nootenboom
Luchtoorlog rondom Den Ham
P.C. Meijer
Nr.VIII Oudheidkundige Vereniging Den Ham/Vroomshoop 1995
The Airwar around Den Ham is a booklet about crashes of Allied planes during World War II in and around Den Ham in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The book may be bought from Oudheidkundige Vereniging Den Ham/Vroomshoop, P.O.Box 16, 7683 ZG Den Ham, The Netherlands
Market Garden, Then and Now. Vol. 1
Karel Margry
London: After the Battle, 2002 Volume 1 covers the mounting of the operation and the crucial first two days of the battle. The story opens with the planning and preparation of the double undertaking of “Market” by the newly created First Allied Airborne Army in the UK and “Garden” by the British Second Army on the Belgian-Dutch border. The scene then switches to describe the German military situation in the Netherlands on the eve of battle. The massive initial airborne landings of September 17, 1944, are then recounted with equal attention to ech of the three airborne divisions involved. The break-out battle by the Guards Armoured Division, spearhead of the ground army, is likewise illustrated with an unprecedented wealth of photographs. The second day of the operation, September 18, sees the Guards reaching the 101st Airborne at Eindhoven, making their first contact with the airborne army.
Market Garden, Then and Now. Vol. 2
Volume 2 of this two-volume history of Operation “Market-Garden” continues the story of XXX Corps links up with the 82nd Airborne at Nijmegen which leads to the dramatic and spectacular capture of the vital bridges there over the Waal river. But at Arnhem the tide of battle has already turned. The main force of 1st Airborne is thrown back to the Oosterbeek perimeter, leaving John Frost’s isolated force at the road bridge to fight it out till the end. As the Polish Brigade is dropped south of the Rhine, and the ground army desperatly tries to relieve the beleaguered British paras, down in the south the Germans launch repeated attacks on the narrow corridor in an attempt to cut the Allied supply artery. As savage battles rage for possession of “Hell’s Highway”, the airborne battle is lost and on September 26 the survivors of 1st Airborne are evacuated back across the Rhine.
Cover Mayday Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!
Negentig jaar vliegtuigcrashes rondom Venlo
Hub Groeneveld
Mission 85
Ivo de Jong
Groesbeek, Netherlands, Liberation Museum 1944, 1998, Historical Edition No.5
ISBN 90-74212-05-0On August 19, 1943, just two days after the epic mission to Schweinfurt and Regensburg, the U.S. Eight Air Force selected airfields in Holland and Belgium as targets. Before take off the crews thought it was going to be a milk run. This book covers “Mission 85” which, due to the fierce resistance by the Luftwaffe, became “a milk run that turned sour”.
Mission 376 Battle over the Reich: 28 May 1944
Ivo de Jong
Hikoki. 2003
ISBN 1 902109 03 1
Some of the bombing missions of the US Eight Air Force in World War II, such as Schweinfurt and Berlin, have become legendary for one reason or another. Yet in the course of the war there where many others; missions forming part of the larger Allied strategy which did not become famous. These were simply part of the wearing down of a tenacious enemy. One such was Mission 376 on May 28th, 1944 when ordinary men on both sides revealed extraordinary courages as they experienced the confusion and terror which accompanied the routine bloodletting. The day had one unusual characteristic, however, when it saw the first combat use of remotely-controlled glide bombs by the USAAF. This book describes in unprecedented detail the events, experiences and aircraft of the men on both sides that day during the course of “an ordinary mission”.
Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol.1
Volume 1 September 1939 – March 1944

Theo Boiten
Red Kite, Walton on Thames 2008
ISBN 978-0-9554-735-6-2
An operational history of the German night fighter force in the west.
Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol.2
Volume 2 April 1944 – May 1945

Theo Boiten
Red Kite, Walton on Thames 2008
ISBN 978-1-906592-00-4
An operational history of the German night fighter force in the west.
Nachtjagd: The nightfighters versus bomber war over The Third Reich 1939-1945
Theo Boiten
Crowood Press, Ramsbury 1997
This book traces the parallel development in RAF night bombing and night fighting in the Luftwaffe, from the pioneering efforts on both sideds to the climax of the strategic bombing offensive in the final year of the war. Included are the personal recollections of over 100 surviving combatants.
Nachtspook van Sint-Truiden
Wim Govaerts
Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 1 De Nederlandse Spitfires van 1945 tot 1976
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1976
The Dutch aircraft encyclopedia is a series of booklets about famous aircraft in the Netherlands. The series was started by the well known Dutch author Hugo Hooftman while he was a member of the Study Group Airwar 1939-1945 in the seventies.
Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 2 Fokker G.1
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1977
Cover Hugo 03_DC2 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 3 Douglas DC-2
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1977
Cover Hugo 04_Postjager Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 4 Pander S.4 Postjager
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1977
Cover Hugo 05_D21 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 5 Fokker D-21
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1978
Cover Hugo 06_FK51 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 6 Koolhoven FK-51
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1978.
Cover Hugo 07_Scheldemusch Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 7 De Schelde
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1978
Cover Hugo 08_TV Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 8 Fokker T-V en T-IX
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1979
Cover Hugo 09_Burgerluchtvaart1 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 9 Burgerluchtvaart in Nederland. Het vooroorlogse civielregister. Deel 1.
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1979
Cover Hugo 10_CX Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 10 Fokker C-X
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1980
Cover Hugo 11_Burgerluchtvaart2 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 11 Burgerluchtvaart in Nederland. Het vooroorlogse civielregister. Deel 2
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1980
Cover Hugo 12_G1 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 12 Fokker G-1 (tweede druk)
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1981
Cover Hugo 13_Burgerluchtvaart3 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 13 Burgerluchtvaart in Nederland. Het vooroorlogse civielregister. Deel 3
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1981
Cover Hugo 14_DC4 Nederlandse Vliegtuig Encyclopedie
Volume 14 Douglas Skymaster en DC-4
Hugo Hooftman
Bennekom 1982
cover neergestort Neergestort in de Holierhoekse Polder
P. Schlebaum
Streekmuseum Jan Anderson 2012
Oorlogsgraven in Oegstgeest
D. Breedijk, F.H. Lugt & F.M. Spieksma
Oorlogsvliegvelden van Gemert Bakel Helmond
Ruud Wildekamp, Jaap Woortman en Toon van de Wetering
ISBN 978-90-73621-00-8, 158 pags, ill.
Operatie “Manna”
Hans Onderwater
Romen luchtvaart Weesp, 1985
ISBN 90 228 3776 9
Account of the Allied food drops in April and May 1945 over Western Holland.
Raiders of the Reich
Theo Boiten & Martin W. Bowman
MBI Publishing Company LLC 1996
Story of the air battle over Western Europe, much of it in the words of the pilots and air crew who took part in it, from both sides of the conflict.
Reis naar de Horizon
Hans Onderwater
Baarn 1984
Journey to the Horiszon is about the escape of Don Willes, Tom Hubbard, and others from the Netherlands, through Belgium, France and Spain back to the UK.
Roll of honour Battle of Arnhem – 17-26 September 1944
J.A. Hey (†)
Oosterbeek, 1986
ISBN 90-800085-1-6
This book is a listing of all the Allied losses during the airborne operation in Arnhem between September 17th and September 26th, 1944. It is published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek, The Netherlands. Inmiddels is dit boek voor de 5e keer gedrukt, nu met een andere cover.
Roll of honour Battle of Arnhem – 17-26 September 1944
J.A. Hey (†)
Oosterbeek, 1986
ISBN 90-800085-1-6
This book is a listing of all the Allied losses during the airborne operation in Arnhem between September 17th and September 26th, 1944. It is published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek, The Netherlands. Inmiddels is dit boek voor de 5e keer gedrukt, nu met een andere cover.
Second to None – History of No.II Squadron RAF 1912-1992
Hans Onderwater
Airlife, 1992
The history of RAF No.2 Squadron from World War I till the Gulf War. During World War II the squadron was active over the Netherlands and was based for a long time after the war in Germany.
Sporen aan de hemel Volume 1
Ab A. Jansen
Hollandia, Baarn 1979 Contrails in the skies (Sporen aan de hemel) is a chronicle about the airwar 1943-1945 over the Northern part of The Netherlands. It tells about the USAAF daylight missions and the efforts of the Luftwaffe to stop them.
Sporen aan de hemel Volume 2
Ab A. Jansen
Hollandia, Baarn
  Sporen aan de hemel Volume 3
Ab A. Jansen
Hollandia, Baarn
Van Ted Robins Bommenwerper piloot
D. Breedijk
Hoe Engelse vliegers en een aantal Sassenheimers alle geluk van de wereld hadden
The history of the 446th Bomb Group
Harold Jansen
Elmar, Rijswijk 1985
ISBN 906120 4771
The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)
Ivo de Jong
The history of the 487th Bomb Group (H).
Photo History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)
Ivo de Jong
Lee Hauenstein
Paul Webber
Een aanvulling op history of the 487th Bomb Group (H).
P. van Leeuwen
Barchem, 1995
ISBN 90-908168-2
Terschelling and its role in the airwar: “Tiger” is a story about one of the first radar units of the Luftwaffe in the Netherlands.
Tugs and Gliders to Arnhem
Arie Jan van Hees
Eijsden, 2000
ISBN 90-806808-1-8
Tugs and Gliders to Arnhem, focuses on the involvment of the British Glider Pilot Regiment and the Royal Air Force and their contribution in flying the glider serials on the first three days of Operation “Market”: the 17th, 18th and 19th of September 1944. In this period nearly seven-hundred gliders took off for various Landing Zones near Nijmegen/Groesbeek and Arnhem/Oosterbeek in the Netherlands.
Van Grasmat tot Fliegerhorst
C. Cornelissen
TGU, Oldenzaal 1998
ISBN 906693090X
From Grasspitch till Fliegerhorst (van Grasmat tot Fliegerhorst) is a story about the airfield Twente close to Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It gives you a good impression of the operations of III./NJG 1 against RAF Bomber Command from this airfield and the many crashes in this area during World War II.
Verdwenen Kerkhoven
G.Thuring & J.A. Heij
Uitgeverij Brakkstein, Nijmegen 1989
Vanished Cemeteries (Verdwenen Kerkhoven) written in English and Dutch is about Allied burial grounds around Nijmegen that no longer exist.
 Cover Achterhoek Vermist boven de Achterhoek
Wim & Peter Rhebergen
Naarden 1991
ISBN 90-71743-11-X
This book gives a survey of allied crashes over the ‘Achterhoek’ during World War II.
Vijf jaar luchtfront Vol.1
J.P. van Hout a.o.
Gilze 1984
Five years airwar, part 1 to 5, (Vijf jaar luchtfront) is a series of five booklets about the history of Gilze-Rijen Airfield during World War II. From the pre-war Molenheide, through Fliegerhorst Gilze-Rijen to B.77 in the RAF. The series is out of print.
Vijf jaar luchtfront Vol.2
J.P. van Hout a.o.
Vijf jaar luchtfront Vol.3
J.P. van Hout a.o.
Vijf jaar luchtfront Vol.4
J.P. van Hout a.o.
Vijf jaar luchtfront Vol.5
J.P. van Hout a.o.
Vinnige Valken, Vlammende Bliksems
Christiaan Vanhee & Peter Celis
Luxembourg, 2000
Ferocious Falcons, Flaming Lightnings (Vinnige Valken, Vlammende Bliksems) is the story of the Belgian airbase St.Truiden/St.Trond in it’s German and Allied period during World War II.
Vliegveld Venlo
Van bevrijding tot ontmanteling
Hub Groeneveld
Mosae, Venlo 2005
ISBN 90-77579-08-7
Cover Venlo Vliegveld Venlo
Van bevrijding tot ontmanteling
2e druk, Hub Groeneveld
Mosae, Venlo 2005
ISBN 90-77579-08-7
Vliegveld Woensdrecht in het vizier
Drs. P.E. van Loo
Ouwerkerk, 1996
Airfield Woensdrecht in sight is a doctoral thesis about the municipality Woensdrecht, the Luftwaffe base and the airwar over the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium.
Vlucht 648
Harold Jansen
Elmar, Rijswijk 1985
ISBN 906120 4771
Story of the crash of B-24 “Líl Max” (446th Bomb Group) on September 26, 1944 and escape of most of the crew in the The Hague area.
Vlucht door de tijd
Col. A.P. de Jong (†)
De Bevelhebber der Luchtstrijdkrachten, 1988
Flight trough time is a book published at the 75th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Air Force on July 1st, 1988. It contains stories about the RNLAF in its early years, between the wars, the Phoney War and during World War II. For people interested in other periods it also tells about the period after World War II until 1988.
Vrijheidsmonument Eemnes
Jaap van der Woude
Historische Kring Eemnes
This book of remembrance tells you the story behind the names on the plaque on the monument of liberty. Between the names of the people of Eemnes who have lost their lives during WWII are the names of the crews of the Allied planes who lost their lives when they crashe in this area. The book is in Dutch and English.
We flew the rocket firing Typhoon
Drs. P.E. van Loo
The Hague, 1998
World War II memories of No.124 Wing RAF Pilots and supporting staff.
Cover we will remember klein We Will Remember Them
Ivo de Jong
Brochure, 56 pagina’s over de achtergronden van de noodlanding van B-17G 42-102485 bij Groenekan op 28 mei 1944. Uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het plaatsen van een monument aldaar op 28 mei 2014.
Wespennest Leeuwarden vol.1
Ab A. Jansen
Hollandia, Baarn 1976
Hornet’s Nest Leeuwarden (Wespennest Leeuwarden) is the history of the battle of the German nightfighters and the Allied Airforces over the north of The Netherlands from 1940 untill 1945. The books are out of print.
Wespennest Leeuwarden vol.2
Ab A. Jansen
Wespennest Leeuwarden vol.3
Ab A. Jansen
Cover Wie herdenken Oldebroek Wie Herdenken we in Oldebroek
D. Breedijk
Zij vielen rondom Zwolle
J.L. Schotman
IJsselacademie Kampen 1989
ISBN 90-6697-123-1 (heruitgave)
They fell around Zwolle. In this book the author tells about more than ten crashed planes around the city of Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijsel.
Zonder Waarschuwing
Feiten en achtergronden over de luchtaanvallen op Haarlem 1940-1945
Jon van der Mees & Aad Neeven
Haarlem 1995
Without warning; facts and background information about air attacks on the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands, during World War II.