New colors for BBMF AVRO Lancaster PA474

We (BBMF) thought that this would be a timely release of the new twin-markings of PA474 for Australia Day in honour of our commonwealth friends.

When BBMF Lancaster PA474 returns from its major servicing it will be painted in a new livery. The port (left-hand) side of PA474 will represent Lancaster BIII W5005 ‘AR-L’ “Leader” of 460 (Royal Australian Air Force) Squadron, with its nose art of a kangaroo in wellington boots playing bagpipes reflecting the mixed nationalities of the crew: Scottish, Welsh and Australian. The ‘bomb log’ on the nose will show a ‘snapshot in time’ at the point just after the 30th successful operation flown by W5005, to Munich on 6th September 1943. W5005 eventually completed 94 operations before ditching in the Humber on 27th August 1944, after having been transferred to 550 Squadron.

The starboard (right-hand side) of PA474 will wear the 50 Squadron code letters ‘VN-T’ representing Lancaster LL922 in which Flying Officer ‘Dougy’ Millikin (grandfather of the current OC BBMF, Andy ‘Milli’ Millikin) and his wireless operator John Tait, who is still alive, flew 33 operations together. The starboard side of the Lancaster’s nose will retain the coat of arms and name of The City of Lincoln.

Thanks to Chris Sandham-Bailey ( for the use of his artwork.

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2 comments to New colors for BBMF AVRO Lancaster PA474

  • Lorraine Caldwell

    I believe there is the possibility of a special day in honour of 460 Squadron this summer and to celebrate the new livery of our Lancaster. Has a date been decided for this yet? I am the daughter of a 460 rear gunner and would dearly love to attend such a day. My granddaughter graduates from university on June 19 but if it after that date, I will be on a plane travelling from the USA where I have lived for many years. I would love to honour my Dad. (My mother was born in Grimsby. A War Bride of course.) I am Australian.
    Many thanks.
    Lest We Forget.
    Lorraine Caldwell

  • Paul Duggins

    We saw the new paint job and it is as the pictures above show. She flew over our Town of Withernsea which is on the coast 20 miles east of Hull on Sunday 23th July 2017 and came in twice nice and low allowing lots of people including myself to get some great photographs and with the Sun shine and blue skies I got some crackin shot . Let’s hope she continues to fly and give lots of people a day to remember the sound of those merlin engines was fantastic . You can see the photos on the Withernsea Face Book page . Or on our page Jackie Paul Duggins

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