30-01-1943 (SGLO R0424A) Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4 Werknr 4870

Loss Chart on R0424A Day or Night of Operation 30 Jan 1943 Operation Target Aircraft Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4 Built by Messerschmitt c/n or Werknr 4870 Serial or Stammkenzeichen Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen Name Unit Überf.Kdo.Lzgr. 4 Air Force Luftwaffe Take off time Airfield Crashed at Cause of the Crash Hindernisberührung beim Rollen Crash Location […]

30-01-1943 RAF’s first daylight raid on Berlin

The painting of the raid is called “Strike on Berlin” by Anthony Saunders

On Saturday the 30th January 1943 Hermann Goering entered the Air Ministry on WillhelmStrasse with the intention of broadcasting a speech to commemorate the 10 anniversary of the Nazi Party coming to power and pay tribute to its leader, Hitler. However […]

03/04-01-1943 (SGLO T1970) AVRO Lancaster Mk I W4769 QR-V

Loss Chart on T1970 Day or Night of Operation 3/4 Jan 1943 Operation Target Essen Aircraft AVRO Lancaster Mk I Built by AVRO c/n or Werknr Serial or Stammkenzeichen W4769 Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen QR-V Name Unit 61 SQN Air Force RAF Take off time 17.21 Airfield Syerston Crashed at 20.00 Cause of the […]