B-17 Flying Fortress survivors in the USA

B-17G Madras Maiden (@Lyle Jansma)

B-17G Madras Maiden (@Lyle Jansma)

Op Facebook in de groep “Fans of the B-17” circuleerde afgelopen week dit kaartje van “alle” Boeing B-17 bommenwerpers die in Amerika nog te vinden zijn. Nader onderzoek wijst uit dat het totaal van 26 op het kaartje niet juist is.
B-17 survivor list (from worlwarwings.com)

B-17 survivor list (from worldwarwings.com)

In totaal zijn er 39 B-17’s terug te vinden in Amerika, vooral van het model B-17G. In het overzicht hieronder zijn ze op serial terug te vinden.

A= Airworthy
n/l= Not Listed on the map
R= Restoration
S= Static
STOR = Storage

Status Map no Model Serial Name Owner Location
R n/l B-17D 40-3097 Ole Betsy/The Swoose Nat’l Museum of USAF Dayton, Ohio
S n/l B-17E 41-2446 Swamp Ghost Planes of Fame Museum Chino, California
R to A n/l B-17E 41-2595 Desert Rat Michael W. Kellner Crystal Lake, IL
S 10 B-17E 41-9032 My Gal Sal National WWII Museum New Orleans, Louisiana
R to A n/l B-17E 41-9210 Vulcan Warbirds, Inc. Seattle, Washington
R 17 B-17F 41-24485 Memphis Belle Liberty Foundation Claremore, Oklahoma
S 15 B-17F 42-3374 Homesick Angel Offutt AFB Offutt AFB, Nebraska
A/STOR 25 B-17F 42-29782 Boeing Bee Museum of Flight Seattle, Washington
S 16 B-17G 42-32076 Shoo Shoo Baby Nat’l Museum of USAF Dayton, Ohio
S 5 B-17G 43-38635 Virgin’s Delight Castle Air Museum Atwater, California
S 6 B-17G 44-6393 Starduster March Field Air Museum Moreno Valley, California
A 18 B-17G 44-8543 Madras Maiden Erickson Aircraft Col. Madras, Oregon
S 22 B-17G 44-83512 Heaven’s Above Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas
A 1 B-17G 44-83514 Sentimental Journey Commemorative Air Force Mesa, Arizona
STOR n/l B-17G 44-83525 Suzy Q Fantasy of Flight Museum Polk City, Florida
S 9 B-17G 44-83542 Piccadilly Princess Fantasy of Flight Museum Polk City, Florida
A n/l B-17G 44-83546 Memphis Belle Mil. Aircraft Rest. Corp Anaheim, California
S 14 B-17G 44-83559 King Bee Strategic Air & Space Ashland, Nebraska
A 3 B-17G 44-83563 Fuddy Duddy Lyon Air Museum Santa Ana, California
A 12 B-17G 44-83575 Nine-O-Nine Collings Foundation Stow, Massachusetts
S 8 B-17G 44-83624 Sleepy Time Gal AMC Museum Dover AFB, Delaware
S 24 B-17G 44-83663 Short Bier Hill Aerospace Hill AFB, Utah
R to A n/l B-17G 44-83684 Picadily Lilly II Planes of Fame Museum Chino, California
S n/l B-17G 44-83690 Miss Liberty Belle Grisson Air Museum Peru, IN
A 19 B-17G 44-83785 Shady Lady Aviation & Space McMinnville, Oregon
R n/l B-17G 44-83790 Don Brook Douglas, GA
S n/l B-17G 44-83814 City of Savannah Mighty Eight Air Force Museum Pooler, GA
S n/l B-17G 44-83863 Eglin AFB Ft. Walton, Florida
A 20 B-17G 44-83872 Texas Raiders Commemorative Air Force Houston, Texas
S 11 B-17G 44-83884 Miss Liberty Global Power Museum Bossier City, Louisiana
S 23 B-17G 44-85599 Reluctant Dragon Dyess Linear Air Park Abilene, Texas
A 21 B-17G 44-85718 Thunderbird Lone Star Museum Galveston, Texas
S 7 B-17G 44-85738 Preston’s Pride AMVETS Chapter 56 Tulare, California
A 26 B-17G 44-85740 Aluminium Overcast Exptl. Aircraft Ass. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
A 4 B-17G 44-85778 Miss Angela Palm Springs Air Museum Palm Springs, California
S n/l B-17G 44-85790 Lacey Lady Bomber Foundation Milwaukie, Oregon
R to A n/l B-17G 44-85813 Champaign Aviation Museum, Grimes Field Urbana, Ohio
S 2 B-17G 44-85828 I’ll be around Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona
A 13 B-17G 44-85829 Yankee Lady Yankee Air Force Belleville, Michigan

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