75 years “The Hardest Day” of the Battle of Britain 18-08-1940

Tuesday marks the day 75 years ago when the Luftwaffe launched a huge air offensive to try to cripple the UK during what is now known as the Battle of Britain’s “Hardest Day”. By three o’clock in the afternoon on 18th August 1940, there were German planes in the skies bombing enemy targets. The Royal Air Force lost 68 aircraft. To mark the day, 18 surviving WW2-era Spitfires and 6 Hurricane fighters will take to the skies of southern England. The planes will leave Biggin Hill in south London, with some flying to Dover in Kent, some to the Isle of Wight and the rest will circle London.
Nieuws 2015-08-18 Hardest day

(Playtime 2,5 minutes)

(Playtime 2,5 minutes)

(Veterans speak to Skynews Playtime 12,5 minutes)

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