14-01-1945 Canadian Spitfires destroy 11 Fw 190

Bulletin 027 uit oktober 1977 via Jacques de Vos:

Uit een Canadees blad van januari 1945

“Eleven Focke-Wulfs destroyed… RCAF Spitfire Squadrons on Sunday destroyed 11 Fw 190 in one engagement over the Enschede area during a reconnaissance. The highest scores was F/L J. McKay of the Ram Squadron who accounted for three. A single went to F/L Dick Audet of the Grizzly Bear Squadron, who brought down five enemy aircraft in one dog-fight recently, and now has a total of nine and a half destroyed. Passing over the enemy-airfield, the Ram Squadron saw 12 Fw’s 190 flying east over the drome at about 1.000 foot, other aircraft in the circuit, and still others taking off from the two runways. The Spits went into the attack. F/L MacKay – who on New Year’s Day also destroyed three German aircraft, tow of them without firing a shot – pounced on the last Fw 190 to take off, closing from 300 yards…”

Bulletin 028 uit november 1977 door A.P. de Jong:

De claims van de RCAF Spitfire Squadrons in januari 1945 bij Enschede hebben betrekking op de massale luchtgevechten van 14 januari 1945. Daarbij werden in de omtrek van Enschede 9 kisten van JG 1 en 6 van JG 3 neergehaald.

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