08/09-05-1941 (SGLO T1023) Vickers Wellington Mk Ic R1322 SM-F

Loss Chart on T1023
Day or Night of Operation 08/09 May 1941
Target Bremen
Aircraft Vickers Wellington Mk Ic
Built by Vickers
c/n or Werknr
Serial or Stammkenzeichen R1322
Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen SM-F
Unit 305 (Polish) SQN
Air Force RAF
Take off time 22.56
Airfield Syerston
Crashed at 00.48
Cause of the Crash Shot down by NF Ofw. Rasper 4./NJG 1
Crash Location Crashed IJsselmeer 12 km SW Lemmer
Province IJsselmeer
Salvaged by Royal Netherlands Air Force
Salvage date Aug 2016
Wreckage sent to
Source Chorley W.R. Bomber Command Losses 1941 page 53
Additional source SGLO Bulletin 247 for time
Last update November 2015
Function Mil Rank Name Hon Mil Reg Age Air Force Cemetery Grave Remark
Pilot Sgt. J.P. Dorman 780642 PAF Amsterdam
Co-Pilot Sgt. Z. Gwozdz 780156 PAF Amsterdam
Navigator P/O. M Socharski 1440 PAF Northolt Memorial P.65
Wireless Op Sgt. H.E. Sikorski 780672 PAF Northolt Memorial
Air Gunner Sgt. L. Karcz 780732 PAF Amersfoort 13 12 3
Air Gunner Sgt. S. Pisarski 781036 PAF Northolt Memorial

22 July 2016:

25 August 2016:

31 August 2016:

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